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Security Notice

Dear customers,
JSC "Denizbank Moscow" draws your attention to the frequent attempts of fraud on the Internet by using malicious code.

In particular, it became known cases of compromise of sensitive data by users of some systems, online banking, as a result of attack users' computers with viruses, Trojans. These viruses are dangerous, especially those that may collect user data type when you work with by online systems (logins, passwords), ensure the implementation of other viruses through the open backdoor of the operating system.
Specialists of "Denizbank Moscow" monitor these situations and take appropriate preventive measures.
Compliance with the following essential rules of the Internet help protect your data and make a safe system of work with online banking

Safety measures when working with EDS:

Password to access the private key must be known only to you as the owner of a key;
To protect the secret EDS theft malware is recommended to use hardware cryptographic personal (PAC) - USB-token or smart card;
In the absence of PAC keystore file to save alienated the media (USB-drive);
Not be allowed to keep it in a place where he can access someone other than yourself. Alienated from the media key storage must be carefully protected from unauthorized access;
Do not copy the e-signature and do not pass it to anyone;
Do not use Internet-Banking at Internet cafes, as well as where you are not sure of the security of computers;
When dismissing the responsible officer, who had access to the private key signature, inform the bank and lock the key signature;
If there is any suspicion of compromise (copy) the secret EDS or compromise of runtime (in the presence of computer malware) - be sure to inform the bank and lock keys EDS.

Measures to protect the computer from which you are working in the Internet-Banking:

Observe the rules of limited physical access to your computer. Must be approved by a list of employees, including senior officials and technical personnel who are authorized access to computers, with which you are working in the internet bank system;
Use and promptly update the specialized software for data protection - anti-virus software, personal firewalls, protection from unauthorized access, etc.;
Use and promptly update the system and application software only from trusted sources to ensure the absence of malicious programs. It is necessary to ensure the integrity of the received media or downloaded from the Internet updates;
Observe the rules of Internet security, namely: do not connect to your computer for viruses unverified transferable media, do not read suspicious e-mail, the maximum limit the use of Internet instant messengers (ICQ, etc.), etc.

Recommended Antivirus Software:


Measures for additional protection in the Internet-Banking:

Use at least two signatures for payment authorization;
Use two-factor authentication with one-time password received by OTP or SMS;
Use one-time password confirmation (OTP or SMS) payment exceeds a given threshold amount;
Connect the SMS informing
Activate IP address filtering.

Special measures:

Check Total amount of transaction after confirmation by OTP or SMS
System ask you one time password via SMS or OTP only in login and confirmation process only.
Periodically check logins registry in system
Security Notice