About Us

Message From the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dear Shareholders and Customers,
Considered as the driving force behind financial stability, the  banking industry plays a critical role in establishing sustainable and  balanced growth in Russia which is taking confident steps to become one of  the top 10 economies of the world.
DenizBank  Moscow is a member of DenizBank Financial Services Group who includes six  domestic and three international financial subsidiaries, six domestic  non-financial subsidiaries and a branch in Bahrain. With a broad service  network reaching all parts of society in Turkey, DenizBank has 690 branches  in Turkey and Bahrain, in addition to 26 branch locations of its subsidiary  DenizBank AG in Austria and Germany. The Group operates in EU countries via  DenizBank AG, while DenizBank Moscowserves abroad to the existing customers that have trade  relations with Russia.
We have  shaped our activities with the mission to add value to our customers’ lives,  the sectors we work with and the bright future of our country to a large  extent.
Our  stable growth policy, employment we created in our industry, commercial  achievements as well as the added value we provide to our social stakeholders  and most importantly, more than 15 million customers all around the world,  who never left us alone, played an significant role in this bright picture  that we all witness.
The  operational of DenizBank Moscow is based on the best international methods  and is supported by a highly competent local team of professionals.With  these features, DenizBank Moscow looks to the future to become a active  player in the promising Russian banking sector.Investing heavily in  innovation, technology and R&D, our Bank places innovation in the core of  its business as the means to make people’s lives easier and foresee their  expectations. Always taking innovative steps for the sector, we act in the  sense of a bank that is creative and agile as a technology hub, and always  considered by the customers as a companion and solution partner.
With  18 years of experience in Russia, DenizBank Moscow is able to provide a wide  range of modern financial services to a large group of corporate and private  clients, becoming an active player in the foreign exchange and interbank  markets, as well as in investments and the securities market. Russia, with  its high potential for business expansion, continues to be an attractive and  promising market. The increase in commercial and investment ties, aided by  the new bilateral trade agreement between Turkey and Russia, provides a  unique opportunity for DenizBank Moscow to offer diversified financial  products as well as trade finance to entrepreneurs doing business in  Russia.
As we  did from the first day of our establishment, we’ll focus on creating value  for each individual and work towards the goal of contributing to the  sustainable growth of our society and country in the future.
Hakan ATES
Chairman  of the Board of Directors